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Types of Quartz Countertops

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Types of Quartz Countertops

  • Manufacturers
    Choosing the right quartz countertop is a process of deciding the color, style and price you want and examining the availability and warranty for each product.
    Avanza is a product of Costentino, a company headquartered in Spain. Avanza is fabricated in Texas and offers a 10-year warranty. The Avanza dealer network is not as well established as other quartz countertop brands, so delivery of an Avanza countertop may take a bit longer.
    Cambria is a product made with quartz quarried mostly in America by a family-owned, U.S.-based company. Cambria is available in a wide variety of natural and fashion colors and carries a lifetime warranty.
    CaesarStone is the original engineered quartz surface presented by an Isreal-based company, CaesarStone achieves high points for aesthetics and also offers products that incorporate recycled quartz content. CaesarStone warranties vary from 10 years to lifetime depending on the product line.
    HanStone quartz is a product fabricated in Atlanta, Georgia by Hanwha Surfaces from Seoul, Korea. With distribution centers throughout the U.S., HanStone is available in a large variety of colors and carries a lifetime residential warranty.
    Legacy is a quartz countertop product produced by Verona Marble, the U.S. subsidiary of Santa Margherita of Italy. Legacy is also available for floors, walls and in mosaic tile. Residential applications for Legacy carry a 10-year warranty.
    Silestone is a product fabricated in California by Costentino of Spain. Silestone offers a contemporary color selection, built-in Microban protection for food preparation safety and a 10-year warranty. Silestone is also known for its line of recycled-pigment quartz countertops.
    Technistone, from Technistone USA in Texas, provides quartz countertops with a 10-year warranty. Technistone has a distributor network that makes Technistone available in most states throughout the U. S.
    Zodiac is a brand of quartz countertops produced by DuPont and easily available at most home improvement chain stores. Color choices for Zodiac are slightly more limited but the product quality is similar to other manufacturers and Zodiac offers a 10-year, transferable warranty.
    The countertop is the aesthetic, functional and sometimes social centerpiece of the kitchen. At costs ranging from $20 for base level laminate to $200 per square foot for stone slabs like granite or marble, it can also be one of the most expensive components of the room. With outstanding durability, exceptional appearance and ease of care, quartz countertops are quickly becoming a top choice in new construction and home renovation.
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  • The same patented process of mixing pure quartz stone with resin and pigment to produce quartz countertops is used by all the top manufacturers. The differences in quartz countertops are based on the color, detail and delivery programs offered by each manufacturer.