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How to Maintain Quartz Countertops

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How to Maintain Quartz Countertops

  • Quartz countertops prove practical while also adding luxury to your home. With a wide variety of colors and unique patterns to choose from, this nonporous stone resists stains and spills, which makes cleaning it a breeze. Whether your kitchen countertops are made of quartz or you have a quartz bathroom vanity, maintaining the surface properly will help to ensure it stays beautiful and lasts a lifetime.
    1:Clean your quartz countertops as needed with a soft cloth and warm water. For normal, everyday cleaning, this is all that is necessary. Mild dish soap and warm water can be used for deeper cleaning. For stubborn spots on the countertops, use a nonabrasive soft soap and nonabrasive scrubbing pad. Rinse the countertops with water and dry with a cloth completely.
    2:Use hot pads or trivets when setting hot items on the countertops. Quartz can tolerate temperatures up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, but anything hotter can damage the surface. Avoid placing heated hair-styling tools on the countertops as well.
    3:Keep strong chemicals and solvents away from your quartz countertops. Oven cleaners, drain cleaners, floor strippers and similar harsh products can etch and damage the surface.
    4:Take care when using heavy or sharp objects near your quartz countertops. Although quartz is durable, it can be chipped or cracked from heavy objects hitting the surface, especially around corners. Quartz is scratch resistant, but not fully scratchproof, so always use a cutting board on your countertop.
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