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What`s Artificial Marble Stone

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What`s Artificial Marble Stone

  • Artificial Marble Stone, which comprises finely-crushed granite and cement, carefully mixed by machinery in the proportions of three to one and cast in moulds of the required shape. When the blocks are set hard the moulds are loosened and the blocks placed in a solution of silicate of soda for about two weeks for the purpose of indurating and hardening them.

    Modern Cast stone is an architectural concrete building unit manufactured to simulate natural cut stone, used in unit masonry applications.Cast stone is an excellent replacement for natural cut limestone, brownstone, sandstone, bluestone, granite, slate, coral rock, travertine and other natural building stones.

    Artifical Marble Stone

    Artificial Marble Stone, also known as engineered stone, artificial marble is a mix of marble powder, resin, and pigment cast using the vacuum oscillation to form the block. Slabs are then produced by cutting, grinding, and polishing. Some factories have developed a special, low-viscosity, high-strength polyester resin to improve hardness, strength, and gloss and to reduce water absorption.Artificial Marble Stone is widely used in Australia, Canada, and the United States for countertops, window sills, and floor and wall coverings.         The End.

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    1:Measure the space where you intend to install the countertop with a measuring tape. Subtract from the width of the space the size of the countertop backsplash. Purchase your quartz slab to fit as closely to the measurements as possible to avoid the need to cut the quartz to fit. 2:Test fit the countertop to th ...
  • Kitchen countertops are made of many materials, such as laminate and stone. One type of stone countertop to consider is quartz. This type of stone is manufactured from raw quartz crystals and a bonding agent to create a 93 percent pure quartz countertop. Cut and install a Quartz countertop after you've determine ...
  • Quartz, a man-made non-porous material, consists of 7 percent resin and 93 percent quartz. White quartz countertops not only provide beauty and elegance to your home, they're also durable and long-lasting. While the counters are stain-resistant, they still get dirty and need to be cleaned. Use the right cleaning ...
  • Quartz is perfect for use as a countertop since it is acid resistant and extremely hard. Not only is quartz used for making tops for the bathroom and kitchen but it is also an important material used for many types of precision operated equipment. Quartz is silicon dioxide that has been crystallized. It is usua ...
  • How much quartz is in a Quartz stone  countertop? When you order a countertop from this company you’ll be receiving one that is made up of 93% quartz, while the rest is resin, and pigment. The resin is used for binding while the pigment is added for color or texture. What you’ll get is a hard, nonporo ...