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faux stone, white star quartz stone for wall and floor

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faux stone, white star quartz stone for wall and floor

  • faux stone, white star quartz stone for wall and floor

    Surface Quality: 
    No deformation,non-repudiation side, 
    No sand hole,no scratches,no cracks, 
    No binding,no dots,no voids.
    Features And Benefits:
    1) Rigidity and durability   
    Quartz stone contain more than 90% quartz ,with Mohs strength approach to 6-7, it cannot be cut by knife and is applicable for decoration of large public engineering space.
    2) Non-pollution and acid - proof   
    Extremely low water absorption rate,free of fouling absorption stable performance and free of reaction with various acid and alkali.
    3) Easy cleaning    
    Simple maintenance and light cleaning of the surface.
    4 ) Environmental healthy     
    Strictly select the raw materials, free of all radioactive materials,be up to the mustard of A grade decoration materials.
    5 ) Natural texture    
    Represent the lively texture of stone with the grains of whole stone, achieving top class emulation effect and natural stone charm.
    3.quartz Size 
    A.Common Size : 3020mmX1420mm,3200mmX1600mm ,etc.
    Different color are available , we provide customized  service . 
    There are more than 150 regular colors.
    quartz stone Application:
    Quartz Slab is widely used for countertops, kitchen tops, backsplashes,bathroom vanity tops,bar tops,worktops,flooring,etc.
    Countertop finished: eased edge, bull nose edge, miter edge, laminated edge.
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