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Enginerred stone kitchen countertops

We export Enginerred stone kitchen countertops. We supply OEM service of Enginerred stone kitchen countertops for you. We would manufacture Enginerred stone kitchen countertops following your specific requirement. Jaddas quartz would provide professional Enginerred stone kitchen countertops with good services for you!

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Enginerred stone kitchen countertops

Productive Technology of  Engineered Stone Kitchen Counter Tops1. Mixing up materials for stirring  

2. Paving materials on mold machine for shaping   

3. Conveying it into press machine for pressing in the condition of vacuum, high pressure and high temperature   

4. Conveying it into solidifying line for solidification  

5. Grinding front and back side for flat surface and set thickness,  polishing the front side under the size of grinding 

     head from 80 to 100mush, so that to work out high specular gloss 

6. Convey it for size cutting

7. Strict inspection 

8. Package by PE film and spaying code 

9. Entry warehouse for dispatching. 

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Welcome to our product page of Enginerred stone kitchen countertops, in which you can find detailed information of Enginerred stone kitchen countertops. Jaddas Quartz Enginerred stone kitchen countertops is good in quality and competitive in price. China Jaddas are manufacturer and supplier of Enginerred stone kitchen countertops .

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